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EMI is a manufacturing company with a well-equipped engineering workshop who are able to offer a range of bespoke process instrumentation accessories and piping components in addition to their core range of products (Thermowells & Primary DP Flow elements). Â All products are manufactured to order.




A selection of products offered is listed below:

  • Air Manifolds
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Condensate Pots / Seal Pots / Catch Pots
  • Balance Rings / Flushing Rings
  • Spacer Blocks / Spectacle Blinds / Line Blanks
  • Spool Pieces
  • Flow Straighteners / Tube Bundles
  • Sparge Pipes / Dip Pipe and Nozzles
  • Take-off Points / Sampler Probes / Analyser probes / Bubblers
  • Multi-Hole Steam Nozzles
  • Heat Exchanger Components (Tube Plates, Baffle Plates & Tie Rods)
  • Lifting Frames
  • Tundishes / Strainers / Witch’s Hats
  • Specialised Trolleys & Benches
  • Stilling Wells / Stand-offs
  • Machined Coupons for Material Testing Labs
  • Flare Igniter Tubes

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