Precision Engineering in Stockport Since 1967

We are a UK precision engineering firm based in Stockport in the North West of England that specialises in the manufacture and fabrication of quality process instrumentation and bespoke products. Founded in 1967, the company has a 50+ year proven track record supplying products and fast track solutions to the Chemical, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical industries. More recently we have been providing instrumentation components for the Nuclear sector.

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers and committed to continuous improvement through strategic investments. Recently the business has had some substantial investments refurbishing our premises, new machinery and additional skilled and technical staff giving the company the ability to offer our customers the best possible engineering services and products.

Precision Engineering in Stockport at EMI Limited

Precision Engineering Products

EMI provide bespoke products for extreme environments customised to meet customer requirements. All products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Precision Engineered Test Jig EMI Limited Stockport

Our Expertise

We have gained a reputation for exceptional engineering competence providing over 50 years’ worth of manufacturing consistently high-end quality products and services to the Chemical, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceutical industries.

CNC Precision Engineering in Stockport at EMI

Our Capabilities

Uniquely positioned to offer a complete bespoke service from product evaluation, design, and testing, right through to precision component manufacture and delivery.

Our Clients

EMI Work with ExxonMobil Oil
EMI Produce Precision Measurement Devices with BP Oil and Gas for at EMI
EMI Produce Measurement Devices for Emerson
Engineering Products used for Oil and Gas at Total by EMI Limited
Precision CNC Engineering for Ineos by EMI Limited
Tata Chemicals Require Corrosion Resistant Devices for the Chemical Industry engineered by EMI

Why partner with EMI?

Exceptional Service by our Precision Engineers at EMI


We pride ourselves in offering the best possible service to our customers from precision design concept through to delivery and beyond.

High Quality Products by EMI


EMI’s focus on quality is why our customers come back to us every time for precision engineered products that are resistant to a range of harsh environmental factors.

Provent Track Record in Precision Products at EMI


The company has a 50 year proven track record supplying precision engineered solutions into the Chemical, Oil, Gas, Water and Nuclear Industries.

Highest Precision Engineering Standards at EMI


EMI is uniquely positioned to offer a complete bespoke service from product evaluation, process design, testing, right through to component manufacture, and delivery.